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How to update employees' personal details?
How to update employees' personal details?

In this article, you'll find out how to change existing information from the employees' profile.

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  1. Download and fill in the template file.

  2. The obligatory field is the user's e-mail address in Calamari (which allows the system to identify the correct user you want to update).

  3. Fill in only the columns which you want to update. Example: employee changes the team assignment, so in the "Teams" column, put the names of the teams that this person will now be a part of.

  4. Make sure that the dates (hire date, birth date) have the following format: YYYY-MM-DD

  5. Please check if there are no empty spaces left at the end of each line.

  6. Format everything as text.

  7. Make sure that the field delimiter is → , (comma), and the string delimiter is → " (upper inverted commas)

  8. Save the file in a CSV format.

  9. Log in to Calamari → go to Configuration → Import → Employees→Import→ Attach file :)


Please note that filling in the field in the template file overwrites the existing information in Calamari.

This means that if the user currently is a part of team X and, after the update, should be a part of X and Y in the file, you have to include both. So in column "Teams", there should be X and Y.

Contract type changes:

Please, remember that changing the contract type impacts all the previous calculations of the user if the entitlement is based on contract type assignment. The best practices to handle such change are described in the following article:


If you need any assistance with uploading data, go to Configuration → Import → File sharing with support team → Upload & let us know you uploaded the files.

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